Topmodel Bullit EVO ARF

225,00 CHF


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Bullit EVO is a version supplied with a special electric motor mount and a new color scheme!

Are you interested in a model, which is light, aerodynamically clean and fast like a bullit? It is the flying wing BULLIT.
For everyone who likes flying wings and exciting high speeds combined with several aerobatic maneuvers.
Empty weight (330 g) directly invites you to use an electric power. Included is a cage motor mount for an electric motor.
The building is very fast. The beauty of that furious flight will amaze you.

Technische Daten

Spannweite: 840 mm
Gewicht: ca. 0,9-1,2kg
empf.Motor: BL Outrunner
Steuerung: H,Q,M
empf.Akku: 3S LiPol 2,7 – 3,3Ah