RC Factory SU 29 EPP Kit 1,2m

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Large version of the RC Factory SU-29 EPP model with 1200mm/47″ wingspan, for 200-450W setups on 1600-2200mAh 3s Li-Poly batteries with 4×16g servos.

This large 1200mm span version of the EPP RC Factory SU-29 is a fully 3D capable foam model aeroplane with huge control surfaces. The cowl, two-piece undercarriage, control horns and aileron push-rods are included.

To complete the model you will need the following items: –

  • Appropriate glue (We normally use medium CA)
  • 4 × 16g servos (The HS-81 is a good option, but any similar servo will suffice)
  • 5-channel+ receiver (2 x Aileron, 1 x Elevator, 1 x Rudder, 1 x Throttle)
  • 200-450W power set. A light-weight setup with mild performance would be the AXi 2217/16 with PH317 prop adaptor with 10×4.7 Slow Fly Propeller and a 1600mAh 3s Li-Po or less. For a more powerful setup, use the AXi 2808/24 (With PH4 prop adaptor) with a 2200mAh 3s Li-Po and a 10×4.7 or 11×4 prop. The AXi radial mount set is not required with either setup.

The build is similar to the Yak and the smaller existing SU-29. Kevlar thread for pull-pull is not included.

Technische Daten:

Model Type   Outdoor 3D/Aerobatic
Wingspan   1,200.00mm (47.24″)
Length   1,080.00mm (42.52″)
Build Time   3-6 hours
Weight Range   g
Recommended Power   AXi 2808/24
Servos   4
Weight   600g (21.2oz.)