F35C midi

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For 90mm edf or Turbine

Design Features:
All Formers And Ribs CNC Cut
Building frame suplied
Unique Tab Lock Design
One Piece Design
Wing Area: 45 dm2
Wing Span; 1030 mm
Lenght :1250mm
Flight Weight: Starts at 3000 grams
4 Channel , Tailerons , Throttle,retracts
Kit Includes:
Photo and Instructions download here or
Full cd download here
Full Size Rolled Cad Plans With All Parts Shown
Vacuformed Canopy , fairings , nose cone , tail cone
PVC/Paper  Outlet Tube
Control Horns ,
Required to Complete:

There is no hardware in this kit !

Any inexpensive 4 Channel Radio
Light weight Receiver:
Servos: About 25 grams metal gear 2pcs
Motor: Hetrc EDF650 serie 6S

Wemotec Midi fan 
Midifan Evo 6Sdrive set 
Battery:6S to 8S lipo
Thick and Thin CA glue,
Bungee Launch or Retracts (prepared)
braided wire for front retract steering

Canopy closing
Fastener 2,9×13 4x tailcone
Fastener 2,9×13 12x for retract mounting
steering wire 1,5×330 1x
Retracts used:
HK SKU:HK-15090S
Servoless nose wheel retract with metal trunnion and steering arm.
33mm x 35mm Mount  90 Degree
Features Auto Cut Off and pre-installed 4mm Oleo Mounting Pin.
Mount Plate Dimensions: 33mm x 35mm
Scew Hole Spacing: 24mm x 28mm
Depth: 26mm
Length: 61mm
Pin: 4mm
Weight: 46g (x 1)

Small example movie here

ld frame is included in the parts , this makes the fuselage easy to build

All cnc cut wood ply and balsa construction self jigging and aligning

Wing is easy build all balsa , prepared for retracts

Wing fairing hides retracts

All balsa construction with vacuumformed parts to make life easyer

large removable hatch for edf unit