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RC-Factory Jazz 2.0

RC Factory Jazz 2.0 F6P - Depron/EPP

The RC Factory Jazz 2.0 was released last year as a replacement for its popular predecessor. The new Jazz 2.0 has been designed for F6P aeromusical competition where 3D and traditional aerobatics is flown to music. I would say that the Jazz 2.0 has appeared to be generally overlooked by a lot of the indoor flyers in favour of the F3P style models. What has emerged from those who actually purchased a kit is the Jazz is a superb indoor machine for freestyle flying and can be taken outside on a calm day for some fun. With an absence of brake, drags and strakes the model is quick to build and lacks the delicate nature that F3P aircraft encumbered with such devices tend to have. The now infamous EPP nose portion that was introduced on the RC Factory Clik has found its way onto the Jazz 2.0. This is such a simple idea but an absolute model saver when you fly into the wall that just got in the way or when the ground shot up to meet your model and on the Jazz 2.0 it’s so well integrated. The rest of the structure is depron with strategic carbon reinforcement. All the depron is pre-printed in a fantastic high visibility scheme. The kit includes all the necessary small hardware with English instructions included.

Technische Daten:

Spannweite :  850 mm
Gewicht :  125 - 145 g
Servo :  4
Motor :  -
Akku :  2s lipo, 300 - 480 mAh

RC-Factory Jazz 2.0

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RC-Factory Jazz 2.0

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